Return Policy:

If you do not like our product, please submit a return request through e-mailing us on, within 3 days from receiving your order. Send us the item in its original condition. The return will be picked up within 48 hours from the return request. Kindly note that shipping fees will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Products might be fragile or perishable, please make sure packing the products safely, since the paid amount will not be refunded if the product has been collected in a perished condition.

The customer is entitled to exchange or return the bought product or item within 30 days if it is defected or non-conforming the specifications or the purpose of contracting for, it shall be in the same receiving condition. The product is returned in case of non-clarity of the data required by Egyptian standard specifications, which is easy to read in comparison with the placed product.

The seller, when notified that there is a defected product in his possession, adheres to stop producing or dealing on it and warn the customers not to use this product, also adheres based upon the customers’ request to exchange, fix the defect, or return the item with a refund with no additional cost. The seller also undertakes to inform the organization with this defect and its potential harms within maximum of seven days after detecting the defect or noticing it in a product, so of this defect causes harming the customer’s health or safety, the supplier shall inform the organization with this defect once detected or informed.

The customer is entitled, according to what has been required by the Egyptian standard specifications, to exchange a product with a one without any additional cost in case of malfunction that is repeated more than two consecutive times within the first year or the guarantee period, whichever less.

The customer shall prove how many times the product got been fixed by maintenance receipts or proving that through a guaranteed certificate.